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19 NOV 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 25. 4 PAGES   

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Civil Engineering students win S&T research award

Civil Engineering students of De La Salle University-Manila won the Annual Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC-J) Award for Undergraduate Research for year 2001-2002.

Established by a group of engineers and scientists in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, STAC-J aims to advance science and technology as a necessary tool for national development. Universities all over the Philippines were invited to submit proposals for undergraduate research projects in urban development, infrastructure planning, and transportation, among other related fields.

With their research on the “Development of Application Software for the Design of Rigid Pavements,” the group of David Chui, Rolando Lo, and Israel Soguilon, with Assistant Professor Edgar Doña as their adviser, won one of the two coveted research awards given by STAC-J. The other awardees were students of the University of the Philippines working on the area of traffic safety.

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