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19 NOV 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 25. 4 PAGES 

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Japan Foundation shares resources with ISD

The Japan Foundation, Manila Office (JFMO) donated various instructional materials for students enrolled in the Japan Studies Program on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Chair of the International Studies Department (ISD) Dr. Isagani Cruz formally accepted the donation during a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the International Studies Seminar Room, formerly WH601.

The donations were four computer hardware and software, including peripherals, such as a scanner, colored laser printers, two CD-writers, and a video capture card. Aside from the computers, JFMO also gave audiovisual equipment and a projector screen, such as a state of the art digital projector with 1,000 lumens, a television, 5-speaker component, a DVD player, including an audio-video rack. The Foundation also donated 157 books and 60 Japanese movie titles in VHS format.

JFMO Director Motohisa Shimizu believed the importance of supporting the area of Japan studies in the country because it promotes mutual understanding between Japan and the Philippines through the sharing of knowledge and resources. It also enhances their cultural exchange.

Cruz expressed gratitude to the Japan Foundation and assured that the donations will be fully used by students not only within the context of their Japan Studies curriculum, but also within the general context of the academic exchange the university has with Japanese universities such as Waseda and Kokushikan.

Project Director for the JFMO Upgrading of Facilities Grant Laureen Velasco said that the JFMO has provided a very generous amount for the IS seminar room.

The marker for the seminar room was unveiled on that day, in the presence of JFMO officials including Program Director for Education Cecille EJ Aquino and administrators from the College of Liberal Arts and the University Library. Vice Dean Dr. Eric Batalla gave the closing remarks.

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