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CED brings Lasallian education to 3 public schools

In keeping with De La Salle University-Manila’s mission to provide quality education to the less privileged, the Lasallian Institute for Development and Educational Research (LIDER) under the College of Education started a seven-year pilot project called Operation Big Brother.

Started early this year, the project initially covers three public high schools in Manila, namely V. Mapa High School, Arellano High School, and G. Perfecto High School. The lead persons of the project are LIDER Director and CED Dean Dr. Allan Bernardo and Program Coordinator Dr. Sterling Plata.

The project involves the pilot sections in the first and second year levels of each school. Two sections come from V. Mapa High School and one each from Arellano High School and G. Perfecto High School.

The program has three beneficiaries: the students, the teachers, and the school. A total of 480 students received a complete set of textbooks and school supplies early this school year. The cost of their education is approximately at P52, 000 per student.

At the same time, 60 teachers are entitled to a scholarship for a Master’s degree at DLSU-M. They will also receive regular in-service teacher training programs to improve their teaching competencies.

Furthermore, they will receive peer coaching and peer tutoring training to enable them to become effective trainers of their co-teachers. Current enrollees are selected math, science, and English teachers from G. Perfecto High School and V. Mapa High School.

For the school, the University gives assistance in the improvement of library facilities, instructional materials, and quality of teachers. This year, it has donated a science lab and multimedia learning resources, such as televisions, VHS players, and projectors, to the three schools. DLSU-M will also facilitate the institution of a teacher supervisory model as well as a student information management system.

An enriched curriculum derived from Lasallian high schools will be used in the pilot sections. Students will be given similar content, materials, learning activities, requirements, and evaluation as those used in Lasallian high schools.

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