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12 NOV 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 24. 4 PAGES 

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Given by Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC during the Thanksgiving Mass held on October 19 at the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel

My very dear students, teachers, staff, alumni and champion athletes, good evening to this very special community, chosen by God to witness His great love and abundant blessings, especially a 4-peat championship that will NOT be repeated for at least a thousand years!

Yes, today our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude as we pay tribute to our five champion teams—young Lasallians whose talent, discipline, and hard work have helped them achieve the highest level of excellence. To our men’s chess team, men’s swimming team, men’s volleyball team, women’s basketball team and the 4-peat Green Archers, CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s give them a standing ovation!

I ask you now to join me in this Lasallian Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving:

Lord God, Father of Goodness and Source of all blessings, we, your beloved Lasallian community, lift our hearts to You in humble thanksgiving.

We thank You, Lord, for the gift of victory, achieved despite all odds, despite the unjust efforts of those who sought our downfall!

We thank You, Lord, for the courage, the heart, the mind, the will you gave to our athletes and coaches, thereby making them worthy champions!

We thank You, Lord, for the team managers, the alumni, the parents and all the fans who gave their full support to our teams.

Lord, we thank You for assuring us that as long as we live the true Lasallian spirit, as long as we are united in our common quest to be excellent achievers for God and country, we shall always succeed!

Lord, may this same spirit empower us to do all in our power to serve our people, especially the poor, and build a nation that is spiritually strong and economically prosperous.


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