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5 NOV 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 23. 4 PAGES   

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SDRC looks into mobile phone effects
on RP society

The Social Development Research Center (SDRC) of De La Salle University-Manila recently started a research project titled “Mobile Phone Usage and Its Implications in the Philippines,” which is being funded by the Embassy of Finland in the Philippines and Nokia Philippines.

The lead persons for the project are SDRC Project Director Dr. Raul Pertierra of Behavioral Sciences Department and Dr. Eduardo Ugarte, senior research fellow from the History Department.

Pertierra said the project is a basic research that will look into the effects of mobile phone technology on Philippine society and how the Filipinos adopt the technology.

The research will touch on the political dimension of cellular phone use. It will look into the role of mobile phones in facilitating political mobilizations or activities like the People Power 2 phenomenon in January this year and a similarly huge mass action by Estrada supporters a few months later. At the same time, the project also aims to determine the effects of the said technology on the personal level. It will identify the effects of cellular phones on how individuals view themselves.

In particular, the study will focus on Filipinos’ use of the text messaging system, a telecommunications service that is more widely popular in the Philippines as compared to countries like Australia and Finland.

Pertierra said the basic research aims to set the pace for more researches on the subject.

The budget for the research project reached almost P1 million. The Memorandum of Agreement for the research was signed on October 24 by Ambassador Raimo Anttola on behalf of the Embassy of Finland and SDRC Director Exaltacion Lamberte, with Simo Hoikka of Nokia Philippines, Inc. as witness.

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