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29 OCT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 22. 4 PAGES 

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When the best teachers and the brightest students meet

The best and the brightest of De La Salle University-Manila meet for an intellectually-engaging dialogue on October 31, 11:30 am, at the Brother Connon Conference Room.

Headed by Dr. Isagani Cruz, the Society of Fellows, in cooperation with the Student Financial Assistance Program, will hold the Society of Fellows-Star Scholars Dialogue Series featuring Vice President for Academics and Research Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC. He will lead the discussion on the intellectual life as a career option.

Started in August 1999, the series of dialogues intends to promote scholarly discussions within the Filipino Christian context. Each session is meant to introduce the Star Scholars to the professional concerns of one of the University Fellows. At the same time, each University Fellow wants to know the concerns of young Lasallian intellectuals.

The Society of Fellows constitutes the elite of the DLSU-M faculty. The University Fellows represent the best that the Lasallian faculty can offer in terms of teaching, research, publications, professional involvement, institutional commitment, and community service. And because each of these Fellows has a national and international academic reputation among their peers, they embody the aspiration of the University to be world-class.

The Star Scholars, on the other hand, represent the best and the brightest that the University’s students can offer in terms of academic excellence, participation in campus life, and community service.

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