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DLSU-Manila supports
public school teachers
Gives free instructional technology training

In an effort to enhance the quality of Philippine education and serve the nation's public school teachers, the Center for Educational Multimedia (CREM) recently provided instructional technology skills training for Makati public school teachers.Headed by Communication Department Chair Brother Mike Rapatan, FSC, CREM in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Makati-Bonifacio Chapter held a two-day skills training for selected public school teachers from elementary and secondary levels in Rotary District 3830. The activity was held at De La Salle University-Manila's Ariston Estrada Seminar Room
on October 18-19.

Rotary sought the assistance of CREM in view of the latter's reputation as the hilippines' lead university in the area of education technology. Established in 1999, CREM has since been involved in teacher training and development, re-examining traditional systems of
instruction and developing alternative paradigms of learning in view of technological developments. CREM continues to extend professional and technical assistance to other educational and non-educational institutions. CREM Associate Director Nenita Habulan, a Rotarian, coordinated the seminar and served as the speaker for the two-day activity. Through the sponsorship of the Rotary, the participants were able to attend the seminar-workshop for free.

Dr. Habulan, who specializes in Educational Management and Education Technology, trained the teachers and guided them throughout the whole program. The teachers were introduced to the contributions of media and technology in teaching and learning. They were also exposed to the various types of instructional media and technology. At the same time, they attended lectures that would help them acquire production and pedagogical skills in the design and creative use of various instructional technologies for effective teaching.

To improve their presentation skills and make them dynamic communicators in the classroom, the teachers took part in workshops and presented their output during the course of the training.

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