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COE offers MS in environment program

Preserving the environment has become a major concern of everyone as natural resources continue to deteriorate in large proportions. And who else can best respond to this except those equipped with the know-how and state-of-the-art facilities.

Next school year, the College of Engineering will offer the MS in Environmental Engineering and Management program to working professionals. The graduate program emphasizes an integrated approach to engineering design and problem-solving. Unlike the traditional environmental engineering program that focuses on the end-of-pipe (pollution control) mindset, it places emphasis on the synthesis of engineering systems of factories and infrastructure with ecological concerns.

The proposed program is designed to provide advanced and specialized training for professionals with undergraduate backgrounds in any of the traditional engineering fields such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electronics and communications engineering, civil engineering, or manufacturing engineering and management. Intended to provide engineers with advanced training in the environmental discipline, it also aims to infuse their professional practice with the added dimension of environmental consciousness. Students may focus on specialized fields of environmental engineering and management such as Solid Waste Management, Wastewater Management, and Air Quality Management.

Upon completion of the degree, they are expected to either continue to practice in their respective fields with an enhanced consciousness of environmental issues, or begin practicing as specialized environmental professionals.


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