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20 OCT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 20. 4 PAGES 

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Graduate Fellowships in Europe

The Cultural Affairs Offices of the Netherlands and France Embassies are offering different graduate fellowship programs in their countries. Some of these courses are taught in English, but it would be better if the applicant has at least a basic knowledge of French (for studies in France). However, there are graduate programs in English in both countries. Fellowships are usually for one year leading to a Master’s degree or a diploma.

The candidate who wishes to study in these countries should have graduate units beyond his/her undergraduate degree, although full completion of a master’s degree in the Philippines is not an absolute completion. Junior faculty members who are interested to study in these countries and are willing to commit themselves to teach at DLSU-M for a given period could be supported transportation expenses.

Please ask Sonia Casabuena of the Office of the Vice President for Academics and Research for forms and brochures.




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