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15 OCT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 20. 4 PAGES 

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La Salle adopts Mangyan school

De La Salle University System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC expressed his support to the Alangan Mangyans after gracing their cultural presentation sponsored by the College of Science-Social Action Program held on September 26.

Touched by the Mangyan children’s presentation of their community’s struggle to free themselves from the bondage of illiteracy, Brother Roly readily extended his support by pledging to adopt the San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation and Learning Center in Banilad, Oriental Mindoro. Founded in 1992, the school seeks to give young members of the indigenous community with equal opportunities to study, helping them become productive and responsible citizens for God and country.

Deeply attuned to St. John Baptist de La Salle’s mission of providing education for all, the current Mangyan school is closely similar to the set-up of the first La Salle school started by our Founder, with its multi-level structure of education, that is, having a teacher educate groups of students in different grade levels in one classroom.

To be adopted as a special project by the DLSU System, the Mangyan school will be provided with academic assistance through the supervision of DLSU-M’s Lasallian Schools Supervision Office. Financial assistance will also be extended in terms of material needs such as books and writing materials, as well as possible additional honoraria for faculty. The Caucus on Poverty Reduction, headed by Brother Roly, will provide livelihood assistance to the Alangan Mangyan community.

Another building may also be set-up to accommodate additional facilities needed for the school to be recognized by the Department of Education Culture and Sports. It will include a clinic and a home economics classroom.

Brother Roly advised Rosalinda Mendres, founder of the Magyan school, to come up with a three-year development plan which will be presented to the next System Council meeting.

Dr. Emelina Mandia, Social Action Coordinator of the College of Science, believes that the assistance to be given to the Mangyan is truly a blessing. She expressed her gratitude to those who have made the moving cultural presentation possible especially the Office of the Dean, as well as the Departments of Biology, Religious Studies, and Behavioral Science.

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