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La Salle opens Job Expo 2001

The hunt begins on campus.

De La Salle University-Manila presents its resource of graduates to the industry in the Job Expo 2001 at the Chess Plaza on October 8 to 12.

Organized by the Office of Career Services (OCS), about 100 companies in various industries will participate in the University’s week-long event. An average of 50 applicants will be recruited daily from the roster of participating companies.

Among the participating companies are: United Laboratories, Union Bank, Ambergris Solutions, Asea Brown Boveri, Lifestyle Asia Pacific, AIG Credit Card Co., Phils., Joaquin Cunanan & Co., Honda Cars Makati, Inc., Fedex/Airfreight 2100, Jobstreet.Com; Intel Phils., Accenture, Social Security Systems, Procter & Gamble Phils., Cemex/Solid Cement, PGI/Unocal, E-Telecare, Security Bank Corp., Fil-Pacific Apparel, Kodak Philippines, Alexander Resources, Inc., Millenia Communications, Inc., Equitable Computer Services, Inc., and Web Philippines.

During the exposition, company representatives will provide extensive recruitment to aspiring candidates. Aside from submitting their completed application forms to the companies, they are also able to familiarize themselves with the companies they selected through the company talks to be given.

The company talks cover an orientation about the company, application and hiring procedures, current openings, career paths for new hires, and compensation benefit scheme.

To give them the chance to interact with working professionals and get the feel of a job interview, OCS has also set up a mock interview in which invited Human Resource practitioners will interact and evaluate the students in their interview performance.

OCS also organized professional development workshops such as business ethics and professional grooming.

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