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01 OCT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 18. 4 PAGES 

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Two Asian centers offer programs for outstanding scholars

De La Salle University-Manila members interested in Asia-Pacific leadership training and Asian regional scholarship now have the opportunity to promote their knowledge in their fields of expertise.

The East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii seeks two outstanding candidates for the Asia-Pacific Leadership Program, a new certificate program funded by the Freeman Foundation. The Program is designed to meet new educational and human resource needs during a time of increasing regional interdependence. It will create a network of leaders from the United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

The program will include a core seminar on the critical issues of the region, leadership training, and field seminars to be led by academic scholars. The program will be from January to June 2002.

In another news, the Asian Studies in Asia (ASIA) Fellows Program offers opportunities to outstanding young and mid-career Asian scholars and “public intellectuals,” including policy makers, journalists, and media professionals to study and conduct research in a participating Asian country for up to nine months.

The principal goal of the program is to increase the overall awareness of the intellectual resources in the People’s Republic of China, South, and Southeast Asia. It also aims to create a multilateral network of specialists to strengthen Asian regional scholarship.

Fellowships may involve a variety of activities, including field-based research, language study, or courses related to another Asian country (preferably in a different region of Asia). Fellows may also have opportunities to present guest lectures, or to conduct seminars and workshops at the invitation of host institutions. Fellowships are not for the principal purpose of completing doctoral dissertations.

For details, contact the Office of the Vice President for Academics and Research (VPAR) under Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC.




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