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01 OCT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 18. 4 PAGES 

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AUN picks COE e-commerce virtual center project as pilot research

The ASEAN University Network (AUN) has selected an innovative project of the College of Engineering as one of its pilot research projects in the ASEAN region. The project, titled “E-Commerce Virtual Center for DLSU College of Engineering,” to be headed by Rumel Atienza of the Industrial Engineering Department, was chosen among hundreds of project proposals submitted by member universities.

According to COE Dean Julius Maridable, “The selection of this project is a boost to COE’s drive towards its vision to be the ASEAN center of excellence in engineering education, research, training and consulting.”

The project aims to (1) e-market the goods and services that the College produces or offers; (2) provide COE students in all engineering disciplines an opportunity to develop a working knowledge of e-commerce and use this knowledge advantageously in their respective discipline; and (3 )provide non-DLSU-M COE students in all disciplines the same opportunity .

The project is an off-shoot of Atienza’s research project “E-commerce Education: Benchmarking in Three Countries” partly sponsored by the Commission on Higher Education and La Salle University (Philadelphia).

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