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24 SEPT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 17, 4 PAGES 

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COS holds Mangyan cultural presentation

On September 26, De La Salle University-Manila will be treated to a cultural presentation by Alangan Mangyans at the William Shaw Little Theater.

Sponsored by the College of Science- Social Action Program, student organizations, and in cooperation with the Center for Social Concern and Action, the one-hour “dula-awit-sayaw” program will highlight the native dances depicting the culture of our indigenous brothers and sisters.

Titled, “Banilad, Saan Ka Patungo?” the show will lead the audience to the struggle of Banilad, an Alangan Mangyan community at the foot of Mt. Halcon, to be emancipated from the bondage of illiteracy. A short video clip will also be shown on the cultural practices of the Alangan Mangyans.

Proceeds from this presentation will go to the San Lorenzo Ruiz Formation and Learning Center, a newly established school for the Alangan Mangyans. Founded by Rosalina Melendres in 1992, the school serves 300 students with programs including education for all, home and nutrition, health care, research, livelihood, and community organization.

The Alangan ethnic group belong to the Mangyan indigenous people inhabiting the hinterlands of Mindoro Island. Despite modern times, the Alangans have maintained a unique culture and still rely on the forest for their livelihood.

The program will start at 1 p.m. for the matinee show and 5:30 p.m. for the gala show.


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