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La Salle receives 3 new professorial chairs

De La Salle University-Manila recently welcomed the establishment of three new professorial chairs for the departments of Psychology, Chemistry, and Philosophy following the Board of Trustees’ approval of the DLSU Science Foundation on September 11.

The new chairs are The Exaltacion Castillo-Ramos Distinguished Professorial Chair in Tests and Measurements, The Roberto Torres Distinguished Professorial Chair in Organic Chemistry, and The Claro R. Ceniza Distinguished Professorial Chair in Analytic Philosophy.

The Exaltacion Castillo-Ramos Distinguished Professorial Chair in Tests and Measurements for the Department of Psychology was established in honor of the late dean of La Salle’s former College of Arts and Sciences. Castillo-Ramos earned her MA in Psychology at the University of Minnesota and took postgraduate studies in Educational Management at the Philippine Normal University.

She actively supported the various research initiatives in La Salle and participated as well in external research councils. Her exemplary performance in the field of psychology was reflected on the various publications she produced.

Castillo-Ramos became involved in several local and international organizations, including the Psychological Association of the Philippines where she was a founding member. She also joined the Philippine Guidance and Personnel Association, Philippine Sociological Society, and American Studies Association of the Philippines.

On the other hand, the Roberto Torres Distinguished Professorial Chair in Organic Chemistry for the Department of Chemistry was created in honor of the man who helped in the advancement of chemistry in the country.

Torres earned the degree of MS Chemistry (meritissimus) at the University of Santo Tomas in 1956 and took post-graduate studies, also at the same university. He devoted 29 years teaching at the college level, and seven years handling graduate classes at De La Salle College.

He became president of the Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers, a life member of Chemical Society of the Philippines, and senior member of several other organizations of scientists.

For his part, Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, Vice President for Academics and Research, called on the respective deans and department chairs to make plans for naming holders of the Castillo-Ramos and Torres chairs for this school year .

Brother Andrew also said that by SY 2002-2003 the holder for The Claro R. Ceniza Distinguished Professorial Chair in Analytic Philosophy for the Department of Philosophy should be named.

In addition, students of Professor Emeritus Emerita Quito will be asked to contribute the Chair in her honor, with contributions from DLSU Science Foundation. The chair will be called The Emerita Quito Distinguished Professorial Chair in the History of Thought.

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