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17 SEPT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 16. 4 PAGES 

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Prudente awarded for science promotion

Dr. Maricar Prudente, chairperson of the Science Education Department, was recently awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) gold medal in a simple ceremony held on September 7 at the Department of Science and Technology Main Building, Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila.

Along with the other five RONPAKU graduates around the country, Prudente received the award from DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro and Assistant Secretary Dr. Maripaz Perez. During this occasion, Prudente was asked to talk about her experiences as a RONPAKU Fellow to a group of JSPS RONPAKU graduates, new grantees, and ongoing fellows. Issues and concerns which DOST may be able to address was also identified during the meeting. Possible areas of cooperation that may be established between DOST and the RONPAKU graduates were also explored.

LS101 renews Lasallian commitment

United by a common inspiration, members of the Lasallian community, faculty, administrators, and co-academic personnel rediscovered their Lasallian heritage and renewed their commitment to the Lasallian mission during the Lasallian Spirituality 101 (LS101) at the Angelo King International Center on September 10-11.

Guided by St. John Baptist de La Salle’s own life story, members of the Lasallian community retraced their life’s journey and renewed the spirit of faith and zeal as well as strengthened their sense of community.

The second batch of participants included faculty members from the College of Computer Studies - Information Technology, Jane Bacong, Lissa Magpantay, Renato Molano, Oliver Malabanan, Mavic Piñeda, Glenn Sipin, Charissa Villamayor, Jeng Sta. Ana, Marivic Tangkeko , Information and Technology Center’s Vivian del Castillo, and CCS Vice Dean Ada Pablo.

Faculty members from the Biology Department were Emelina Mandia, Michael Ples, Patrick Cantiller, Anthony Lee, Florenda Santiago, Esperanza Cabrera, Josefina de Jesus, Cecilio Yutadco III, Milagros Relon. Participants from the College of Business and Economics were Laila Calderon, Management of Financial Institutions; Jennifer Dimapilis, Accountancy and Eva Umali, Dean’s Office.

Others who joined were Debbie Nacu of the Institute for Faculty Development; Josephine Juan, University Library; Medel Besavilla, University Clinic; Marjorie Duterte, Marketing Communication Office; Adalia Mendoza, Mathematics; Lina Rivera, Lasallian Pastoral Office, Manolito Burgos, Engineering Technical Laboratory, Izel Guatno, Student Development; Sally Tengko, Student Affairs; and members of the Discipline Office, Johnny Perez, Rosario Hall, Jennifer Mojica.

Sponsored by the Lasallian Pastoral Office and first introduced in September 2000, LS101 is a response to the call of the Lasallian Ministry Action Plan for “formation for members of the Lasallian family.” It covers the basics of Lasallian formation, the life of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, the spirit of faith & zeal, and community experience. The next LS101 is scheduled in mid-November.

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