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10 SEPT 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 15. 4 PAGES 

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IFD to give orientation

The Institute for Faculty Development (IFD) will conduct a New Faculty Orientation on September 14 at the Tereso Lara Seminar Room, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

New faculty members, recently hired or hired within the past three school years who have not attended the orientation since they joined DLSU-M are invited to sign up.

Speakers from different La Salle offices and organizations such as the Lasallian Pastoral Office, Vice President for Academics and Research office, University Research Coordination Office, University Library, the Center for Educational Multimedia, Information Technology Center, Faculty Association, the Student Council, and the Center for Social Concern and Action will give short talks.

CREM launches module on video streaming

The Center for Educational Multimedia (CREM) launches its latest module taught in the Educational Training Program for full-time and part-time faculty members. To be introduced this second term, Module 5 on video streaming provides the participants with the opportunity to make and stream a video clip of their lectures with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

The module brings the participant to more advanced levels of effectively using technology as an educational tool. It complements the lessons learned in the previous CREM trainings

Headed by Brother Mike Rapatan, FSC, the Center for Educational Multimedia conducts progressive faculty in-service training workshops on the familiarization and effective application of the various types of instructional media and technology. It monitors and evaluates faculty skills training output through classroom visits.

The Educational Training Program is sponsored by CREM and the Institute for Faculty Development.

CED-RED faculty and graduates at CEAP-NCR RE Annual Assembly

During the annual assembly of the CEAP-NCR Religious Education Commission held at Sta. Isabel College on August 24, faculty and graduates of the Religious Education Department were actively involved.

Guided by the assembly theme titled “Religious Education: Review and Reengineering,” the panel presentors expounded on their respective topics: Dr. Natividad Pagadut on Basic Learning Competencies in Religious Education; Dr. Carol Fallarme on Christian Formation in Institutes of Higher Learning; Brother Ricardo Laguda, FSC, on Integrated Christian Formation: A Model; and, Sister Nicetas Vargas, OSA on CEAP: Responding to the Church’s Call for Renewal.

Sister Ma. Corazon Manalo, DC, is the current chair of the CEAP-NCR Religious Education Commission. Another RED faculty, Father Jimmy Belita, CM, is incoming CEAP-NCR Regional Director.

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