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Blessed Brothers of Rochefort

  • Blessed Solomon Leclerq
  • Blessed Léon Mopinot
  • Blessed Roger Faverge
  • Blessed Uldaric Guillaume

Once the monarchy had been overthrown early in the French Revolution, the next target was the Church. In 1790 the Civil Constitution of the Clergy gave the state complete control over the Church in France. In order to continue to function, priests and religious were forced to take an oath to support the constitution. Most of the Brothers refused and so were forced gradually to abandon their schools and communities. Eventually the Institute was deprived altogether of legal status in France.

Brother Solomon was secretary to Brother Agathon, the Superior General. Living along in Paris while the Superior remained at the motherhouse outside the city, Brother wrote letters to his family that show a keen religious spirit in the face of the horrors as they unfolded. He was arrested on August 15, 1792. He refused to take the oath and was imprisoned in the Carmelite monastery, together with several bishops and priests. On September 2 the prisoners were brought in pairs to the monastery garden where they were shot.

Three Brothers were among the priests and religious who were confined in the rotting hulks that served as prison ships in the blockaded harbor of Rochefort where they endured indignities and privations. When Brother Roger, who had been Director of the school in Moulins, succumbed to typhus he was moved to an island in the harbor where he died at the age of 49. Brother Leon, 68 years old, also from the school at Moulins, had taught most of the people in the city. He died after two months on the hulks. Brother Uldaric continued teaching secretly after his school at Nancy had been closed. He died after fifteen months of imprisonment and was buried with other prisoners in an unmarked grave on the island in the harbor.






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