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27 AUGUST 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 13. 4 PAGES 

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Tokyo University appoints Kasuya as assistant professor

Making her one of the few women currently holding a faculty position at the top Japanese university, Dr. Maria Carmelita Zulueta Kasuya, a faculty member of the Chemistry Department for the past several years, was appointed assistant professor at the Institute of Industrial Science of the prestigious University of Tokyo.

Kasuya obtained her graduate studies degree in organic chemistry from De La Salle University-Manila in 1993 and her Doctor of Engineering degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1999. Her research area is in the field of biomolecular engineering, specifically polysaccharide synthesis. She has served the Chemistry Department on both full-time and part-time capacities. Last school year, Kasuya handled a course on recent trends in carbohydrate synthesis at the Chemistry Department, where she maintains active research collaboration particularly with the organic synthesis research group of Dr. Gerardo Janairo.

On the other hand, Richard Anthony Galian, assistant professor of the Chemistry Department, obtained a teaching assistantship at the University of Houston to pursue a PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry starting September. Galian received his bachelor’s degree in physics and Master’s degree in Chemistry from DLSU-M.

Atienza presents research papers in 3 international confabs

Industrial Engineering Department faculty Rumel Atienza delivered his most recent paper presentation, titled “Opportunity Analysis Tree: a Heuristic Model to Avail of New Production Technology”, during the 16th International Conference on Production Research in Prague, Czechoslovakia on July 31-August 4. He also acted as conference co-chairperson on August 4 to oversee the technical sessions. Funded by the University Research Coordination Office (URCO), Atienza’s research was classified under the “Unconventional Technologies of the 21st Century” module.

On the other hand, Atienza read his paper on “Mathematical Model to Evaluate Seat Designs: Development and Application” in the 20th International Federation for Information Processing Conference on System Modelling held in Trier, Germany on July 23-27.

His paper “E-Business Education for Everyone: Benchmarking in Three Countries” was presented in the 6th Asia-Pacific Decision Sciences Institute held in Singapore on July 18-20. The research compared the practices, curricula, and performance of six universities in three countries—Philippines, USA, and Canada—in educating students on e-commerce. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), DLSU-M, and La Salle University in Pennsylvania sponsored the research.

His attendance to these conferences was funded by CHED (COE-IE Fund), COE-CRC Fund, Science Foundation, URCO, and the Brother Solomon Fund.

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