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13 AUGUST 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 11. 4 PAGES 

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DLSU-M ZRC and CCS help IT educators

The Computer Science Research (Module 1), a seminar-workshop on research proposal writing particularly designed for computer science and information technology educators, was held on July 26-28.

Sponsored by the DLSU-Manila CHED Zonal Research Center (ZRC), thirty-one participants representing 17 higher education institutions in the National Capital Region (NCR) attended the seminar-workshop. Dr. Raymund Sison, dean of the College of Computer Studies (CCS), was the sole trainer for the activity. Eight CCS researchers disseminated their findings to the participants.

As part of the role of ZRCs all over the country, the seminar-workshop was held to strengthen the research capabilities of higher educational institutions in the NCR.

Carandang joins green forum

Dr. Jose Santos Carandang VI joined the leaders of more than 20 green non-governmental organizations in a forum on the Environmental Agenda held on August 1-2 in Tagaytay City. He is the Biology Department representative to the Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research (CENSER) and the current president of the Environment Outreach Network (EON).

The forum resulted in the forging of stronger partnerships designed to effectively push for the implementation of urgent environmental concerns and arriving at a common stand on these issues that would eventually lead to the concretization of a Unified Environmental Agenda.

Garcia delivers paper on brand personification

Dr. Leonardo Garcia, Jr., director of Graduate Studies of the College of Business and Economics, delivered a paper on Gaining Competitive Edge through Brand Personification in a MarkPlus Forum held at Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia on July 30 and at the Westin Plaza Hotel, Surabaya, Indonesia on July 31. MarkPlus & Co., publisher of the Asia-wide circulated MarkPlus Quarterly, invited Garcia for the talk.

In his paper, Garcia observed that most company advertisers highlight only the rationale attributes of a brand. He expounded on the marketing concept that brand personality or the emotional attributes of a brand should likewise be projected and should be taken seriously by advertisers if they want their brands to have a higher share of mind over the long term.

Accountancy faculty attends CARMIP

Dr. Teresita Nadurata and Nimpha Aquino of the Accountancy Department attended Contemporary Accounting Research Methodologies Intensive Program (CARMIP) from July 10-14 at Peking University in Beijing, China.

CARMIP is a postgraduate course that provides training on research concepts and skills in the various sub-fields of accounting. The program covered three topics: capital market research methodologies, perspective on management accounting research and survey, and field study methodologies.

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