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COE faculty strengthens ties with international community

August 13 Feast Day
Saint Brother Benilde Romançon

Pierre Romançon was born in the small village of Thuret, near Clermont, France, on June 14, 1805. When he joined the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, he was given the name Brother Benilde and was assigned to teach children in the primary grades. This was to be his sole task throughout his career as a Brother.

St. Brother Benilde took special pride in teaching catechism. He was noted for his spirit of prayer and charity, and he also distinguished himself by showing great wisdom in leading his confreres and counseling both students and their parents in Christian living. At Saugues, where he lived for 21 years, he had the joy of aiding in the development of numerous religious vocations. He died in Saugues, France on August 13, 1862. He was beatified on April 4, 1958, and canonized on October 28, 1967. (from Lasallian Liturgies)


As a Center of Excellence in various fields of engineering, the De La Salle University-Manila was nominated by the Commission of Higher Education to join the recently held action plan workshop organized by the ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asian Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net). The international meet was held from August 1 to 3 at M. Gaerlan Conservatory and the International Center of the DLSU-College of St. Benilde.

To reinvigorate the industrial sector of the ASEAN, AUN/SEED-Net envisions to enhance economic stability through engineering human resource development. The network’s purpose is to see the research and educational capacities of member institutions improved through the active exchange of resource among its members.

Prior to the workshop, the College of Engineering of DLSU-M was asked by an AUN/SEED-Net study team to submit information regarding its academic programs, faculty roster, student composition, facilities and equipment, and infrastructure. Observations made by the study team based on the material submitted and the ocular inspections done were mostly positive. It was also noted that the COE faculty encourages critical thinking among the students, which fortifies the formulation of researches and studies. The COE faculty was commended for the use of bilingualism in its academic programs. The study team also saw that the University values the welfare of both the students and faculty by making its campus conducive for study.

As one of the leading universities in the region that has a sound engineering curriculum and facilities to boot, the AUN/SEED-Net encouraged DLSU-M to open its doors wider to international students, particularly those from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, who wish to obtain graduate degrees in engineering. AUN/SEED-Net also posed a challenge to the University to develop a digitized engineering training program for member institutions, as a response to the industry’s needs. In return, more collaborative research projects will be made available among member institutions. More study grants from Japanese and Singaporean universities will also be offered to COE faculty to strengthen its roster of PhD holders.

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