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06 AUGUST 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 10. 4 PAGES 

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Political Science Department explores executive and legislative politics

As part of its ongoing Explorations in Politics Lecture Series, the Political Science Department is sponsoring a lecture titled Modernization and Reform: Promoting Good Governance Amidst a Culture of Corruption on August 10 (see This Week for details). Assistant Professor Victor Andres Manhit will deliver the lecture.

Manhit formerly held senior positions in government as Undersecretary for External Affairs and Special Concerns at the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, and as Deputy Secretary for Administrative and Financial Services at the Philippine Senate.

The Explorations in Politics Lecture Series aims to contribute to the promotion of a research culture in the university by providing a venue for faculty and graduate students to present the highlights and insights from existing research efforts. It intends to generate open discussion and debate in order to enable lecturers to gather comments and prepare their papers for publication.

In previous lectures, Associate Professor Dr. Renato de Castro discussed the breakdown of US-Philippine security relations in 1991. The second lecture, titled Politics in the New Jerusalem: Popular Religiosity, Local Politics, and the 2001 Elections, was given by Anthony Talbott, Visiting Fellow of the department and a Ph. D candidate at the Arizona State University.

The lecture series has a multidisciplinary orientation. Future speakers include Dr. Oscar Campomanes, chair of the Literature and Philippine Languages Department, who will explore the interface between literature and politics. On the other hand, Dr. Ruben Martinez of the Behavioral Sciences Department will give a talk on the politics of ethnicity.

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