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06 AUGUST 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 10. 4 PAGES 

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Bautista delivers Brother Andrew Professorial Chair lecture

Since the late 1960s, Filipino scholars have kept track of developments in Philippine English. Dr. Ma. Lourdes Bautista, Professorial Chair Holder of the Andrew Gonzalez, FSC Distinguished Professorial Chair in Linguistics and Language Teaching for year 2001, presents a concise account of the linguistic features of Philippine English based on the most important studies available.

In her paper titled, “Studies of Philippine English: Implications for Language Teaching”, Bautista also summarizes three significant attitude studies done in the areas of phonology, grammar, and Philippine English as a variety. One of the important merits of the paper is how it brought together description and application to show how a knowledge and consciousness of the structure of Philippine English can enrich English language teaching in the country.

The lecture is a fitting tribute to the honoree of the professorial chair, Vice President for Academics and Research Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC. The chair was created “To honor an intellectual giant, a distinguished linguist, teacher, scholar, humanist, writer, administrator, a builder of persons and institutions, a man of vision and mission, a doer, a Christian Brother, and a Filipino patriot.”

Held on August 4 at the M. Gaerlan Conservatory, the annual event was sponsored by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines, headed by Anna Ma. Gloria Ward.

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