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16 JULY 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 07. 4 PAGES 

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Participatory governance helped revive Naga, says Robredo

Mayor Jesse Robredo, recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2000 for government service, said participatory governance helped in the rebuilding of Naga City in the past decade.

A La Salle alumnus, he visited the campus last July 11 to deliver a lecture that was part of the Diamond Jubilee University Lecture Series sponsored by the Carmelites of St. Therese in cooperation with the Colleges and Universities in Metro Manila. Hosted by DLSU-Manila, the event was attended by guests and student representatives from 13 participating schools.

Robredo, a 1980 graduate with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering minor in ME, shared his experiences and insights on public governance. He started his career in government in 1986, when then President Corazon Aquino asked him to serve his hometown in Naga City. He took charge of the Bicol River Basin Development Program and then became Naga City mayor at the age of 29.

Robredo emphasized the importance of confidence-building as a key to generating the participation and initiative of the people. He said that one of the keys to the success of his city was the introduction of a merit-based system for hiring and promotion at the Naga City Hall.

As he generated support from the people, he was able to institute massive changes in the local public system. Robredo said the city’s economy was also revitalized by going into partnership with local businesses, aside from improving public service.

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