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DLSU-Manila welcomes
three new deans

De La Salle University-Manila has three new deans for school year 2001-2002. Dr. Julius Maridable now heads the College of Engineering, Dr. Michael Alba, the College of Business and Economics, and Dr. Yolando Beronque, the College of Science.

Ramon Magsaysay awardee for government service Hon. Jesse Robredo (ME ‘80) shares his insights on participatory governance during the Diamond Jubilee University Lecture Series held at the
M. Gaerlan Conservatory
last July 11.
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Maridable, who replaced Dr. Servillano Olaño Jr, is an associate professor of the Chemical Engineering Department. He was also the associate dean of the college from 1989 to 1992. He earned his doctorate at the School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry at the University of New South Wales.

Underscoring the importance of research, Maridable continues to pursue his various interests among which are the development of inorganic membrane materials, product separation using
membrane technology, membrane applications in water and wastewater treatment, and sol-gel process in the production of synthetic polymeric materials.

Alba, who replaced Dr. Tereso Tullao, Jr., is the holder of the Ambassador Ramon V. Del Rosario Chair of Business and Economics since 1998. He finished his postgraduate studies in Applied Economics at Stanford University and is now an associate professor of the Economics Department.

The CBE dean earned his Master’s degree in Economics at the University of the Philippines, where he also received the SGV Foundation Chair of Health Economics in 1993-94. In May 1999, he went to Waseda University in Japan as an exchange professor.

At present, Alba is working on several papers including Exploring the existence and measuring the components of the gender wage differential in the Philippines using design-based estimates,The public transportation system in Metro Manila as a tragedy of the commons, which he is co-writing with Raul Fabella, and Exploring the existence and measuring the components of the public-private wage differential in the Philippines.

For his part, Beronque, who is a faculty member of the Mathematics Department, assumed the position formerly held by Dr. Florencia Claveria. Before taking his new post, he was the University’s Assistant Vice President for Research.

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