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DLSU leads fight against poverty and corruption

Responding to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s call to fight poverty and corruption, the De La Salle University System’s Caucus on Poverty Reduction (DLSU-CPR) led various civil society groups in forming the Citizens’ National Network Against Poverty and Corruption (CNN-APC). The movement was launched on July 7 at the DLSU-College of Saint-Benilde’s Angelo King International Center.

According to DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC, CNN-APC was formed to create a network and a united front against the twin thorns of poverty and corruption. It will also serve as a nerve center whose main role is to synergize all groups involved in the endeavor.

Brother Roly, who co-chairs the movement, also said that CNN-APC’s establishment marks the very first nationwide effort to combine numerous, but disparate efforts to combat poverty and corruption.

The birth of CNN-APC was triggered by the infamous May 1 siege of Malacañang. The event became a wake up call to the plight of the many disadvantaged Filipinos. CNN-APC’s founders felt a strong sense of urgency to begin taking serious and massive measures to reverse the twin malaise of poverty and corruption.

During the founding congress, participants discussed the CNN-APC’s working framework. Patricia Sison, lead convenor, and Governor Teresita Lazaro of Laguna delivered the keynote addresses.

Meanwhile, Dinky Soliman, Department of Social Welfare and Development secretary, and former Bulacan Governor Robert Pagdanganan, Jr. delivered situationer reports.

CNN-APC’s program is captured by the acronym ENFLAMES (Education for all, Neighborhood Communities, Food Production and Security, Livelihood, Access to Services, Moral and Spiritual, Environmental Stewardship and Shelter, Sanitation and Health).

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