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01 JULY 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 05. 4 PAGES 

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Brother John Building to open in July

DLSU-Manila will have the new Brother John Building ready for occupancy this July. Located near the south gate of the campus, the structure will have a space for blind physiotherapists to provide service to the faculty.

According to Engineer Aurellano de la Cruz, vice president for System Administrative Services, the whole building will cover a land area of about 900 square meters. Aside from the massage area, the ground floor will also feature a barbershop and a parking space.

At the second floor, there will be an office space each for the faculty union president, the DLSU Science Foundation, Inc., and the DLSU Credit Cooperative. It will also have two conference rooms, one each for the foundation and the credit cooperative.

The third floor will have a room each for the Brother Andelino Manuel Castillo, FSC Religious Educational Foundation, Inc. and the Inter-Institutional Consortium.

A total P12 million was raised for the construction of the building, with a P3-million donation each from the Parents of University Students Organization, the DLSU Credit Cooperative, the DLSU Science Foundation, and DLSU-Manila.

In another news, De La Cruz said the civil structural works for the central administration building is already 82.50 % complete as of June. Civil structural works involve putting up the skeleton and walls of the building. The ongoing construction activities include fire protection and sanitation requirements, pre-cast works, and electrical and mechanical works. The target project completion date is June 2002.

The 10-storey building will be named in honor of Don Enrique T. Yuchengco, father of Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco, chair of the Yuchengco Group of Companies and the AY Foundation. The building will house the various University offices and serve as venue for cultural performances and major campus activities.

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