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Chief Justice Davide receives honorary degree from La Salle

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Hilario Davide, Jr. now belongs to the outstanding ranks of La Salle alumni. De La Salle University-Manila conferred Davide with the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws on June 16 at the Philippine International Convention Center during its third trimester commencement exercises.

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Dr. Estrellita Gruenberg read the citation, while Brother Andrew Gonzalez,
FSC, vice president for academics, read the authorization of the Commission on Higher Education.

DLSU-Manila welcomes the Hung family during a visit to the new 10-storey Sports Complex. Albert Hung (extreme right) supported the construction of the swimming hall that was eventually named after him. The hall was completed on June 24 of last year. Also in the photo are his children, Kevin and Stephanie, and his wife, Jennifer Tsung Hung.

Davide is cited for his significant contributions to the nation’s judiciary, one of which is his firm handling of the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada. During the trial, he acted as presiding officer, showing his grasp of the principle of the rule of law and court procedures and constitutional wisdom.

On the eve of the second People Power on January 17, Davide won accolades from the Filipino people and the international community for his brilliant judicial intuition and responsible actions when he decisively initiated steps to swear into office then Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in order to expedite the restoration of the constitutional processes.

Speaking before 805 graduates, Davide challenged them to Fight bravely for the rights of others.Citing the University’s commitment to sound Christian education by developing in its students a concern for the country’s social and economic problems, Davide also urged them to Live your faith and devote your lives for the betterment of those who have less in life.

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