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18 JUNE 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 03. 4 PAGES 

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New healthcare provider for DLSU-Manila employees


Great Pacific Life (Grepalife) Assurance Corporation is the new health care provider of DLSU-Manila employees starting this school year. The University transferred to Grepalife after 13 years of membership with Philam Care. Dr. Yolando Beronque, former vice president for research and faculty development and now dean of the College of Science, explained that the move was made after Philam Care decided to raise the required monthly payments for enrolled dependents to P485 from P310 of the previous years. The move was due to the University’s 87 percent utilization of their services last school year. The University’s Health Care Committee chose Grepalife after it matched Philam Care’s previous price and offered La Salle other benefits including a bonus of P20, 000 death insurance and a Grepalife-Bankard hospital card with a maximum limit of P120, 000 for payment of medical services per disability applicable to all covered employees and dependents.

Grepalife offers the same health benefits as the previous health care provider such as the annual physical check-up and routine physical exam and tests, and dental care. Additional perks include a P200 worth of take-home medicine after hospitalization and a promise of convenient reimbursement in case the card is not accepted in non-accredited hospitals or clinics. Members may get the receipt of charges and submit to the University Clinic for Grepalife’s reimbursement. They can also submit the names of hospitals and doctors that they frequent such as family doctors and medical facilities close to home and Grepalife will accredit them in order that the doctor or hospital will accept the card.

The life insurance arm of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, Grepalife has been in the insurance business for 57 years. Its head office is located at 221 Senator Gil Puyat Ave, Makati City. For further information/clarification and an updated listing of accredited in-patient hospitals and out-patient clinics as well as specialist doctors, you can contact Danny Nicdao, senior manager and head of group administration department at 845-6241/243/468 or visit their website at

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