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18 JUNE 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 03. 4 PAGES_ 

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DLSU-Manila campaigns for clean air

In addressing the worsening, city-wide air pollution problem, De La Salle University-Manila joined the Partnership for Clean Air, an alliance of multi-sectors organized to promote air quality awareness in Metro Manila. It was launched at the Asian Development Bank on June 8.

As a member of the Partnership’s Coordinating Committee, La Salle was given the task to increase public involvement in spreading the practice of clean air methods. It will pursue the metro-wide campaign awareness on anti-smoke belching, cleaner and alternative fuels, and capability-building for air quality awareness educators.

By year 2003, the Partnership envisions achieving air quality for Metro Manila that meets international safety and health standards.

The alliance’s metro-wide campaign concretizes the general implementation of the Clean Air Act. It evolved from the earlier movement called the Coalition for Cleaner Fuel that supported last year’s lead-free campaign and lowering of sulfur content in diesel in Metro Manila.

The Partnership’s membership drive underscores the power in numbers and power of information. Currently, the roster of member-designates ranges from the academe, government, non-government organizations, civil society, business, media, and development institutions.

As multi-sectoral organizations take active part in the campaign, the Partnership looks toward enlisting the participation of other sectors specifically the youth and home associations. The Partnership is supported by the Asian Development Bank and the US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP). It owns and manages the Philippine air quality website www.hangin.org.

Chemical Engineering Department professor Dr. Susan Gallardo was at hand to represent the University. Along with 61 member designates, she participated in the discussion of the Partnership’s governing rules and regulations, business plans, and membership drive.

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