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11 JUNE 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 02. 4 PAGES 

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DLSU-Manila intensifies link with media

Supporting the University’s thrust of developing partnerships with the media industry, the Marketing Communication Office (MCO) sponsored two events for media practitioners.

On April 5, a mini-Kapihan forum, dubbed “Issues Café,” was held at Glasshouse in Malate. Titled “Not In My Backyard (NIMBY): Options for Waste Management,” the forum delved into the practical and technical solutions for the solid waste management problems of Metro Manila.

The dialogue was intensified with the presence of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Benjamin Abalos, Sr. He was joined by La Salle professors Dr. Eric Punzalan of the College of Science and Dr. Susan Gallardo of the Chemical Engineering Department. Alumnus Neil Tolentino (BSC ‘83), village manager of Multinational Village Homeowners Association in Parañaque, shared his experiences on setting up a recycling facility ran by homeowners.

Issues Café is a venue for the University to share its expertise with media people. It is also an effective communication tool for promoting the University and projecting a positive image. Through the University’s faculty, the media people are provided with firsthand information on various fields of expertise.

Meanwhile, a professorial lecture for another batch of media practitioners was organized on May 21. This time, it was intended for the Lasallian Media Network, a group of Lasallian alumni who are currently working for news organizations. Communication Arts Department Chairperson, Br. Mike Rapatan, FSC delivered a lecture titled, “Will New Media End Mass Media?” The lecture highlighted the impacts of new, cutting-edge technologies on mass media and the industry.

The Lasallian Media Network was formed primarily as a medium for the sharing of resources between Lasallian alumni and the University. One of its goals is to promote a society where information is not only absorbed but analyzed and challenged as well.


Bro. Gregory Wright
Brother Gregory Wright, FSC is asking for copies of William McNeill’s A World History (Oxford University Press, Special Bookmark Edition, 3rd ed., 1979) to be used in his HISTCIV A 55, A 52, and A 54 sections during the 1st Trimester. The volume is temporarily out of print, making its purchase or availability limited for students. For those who want to help, please contact the Student Council office at local 734 for details.

There’s more to the PHINMA Group story last week than meets the eye. Yes, the University indeed made good use of the P1.5 million donation made by the PHINMA Group for the construction of a smart classroom at the Miguel Building. This was all made possible with the assistance of Brother J. Benedict, FSC, vice president for Development and Alumni Affairs, and silver jubilarians College Class ‘75.


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