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PolSci faculty contribute expertise in international confab

Heeding the University’s call for the faculty to be active in international conferences, several members of the Political Science Department presented their papers before international audiences.

Dr. Francisco Magno and Julio Teehankee attended the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies held in Chicago, Illinois on March 22-25. They were part of a panel on Political Change in the Philippines: Explaining the Cause and Consequences of Decentralization. Magno presented his paper on civil society and local power arrangements, while Teehankee read his paper titled, Generation Shift and Local Elite Reproduction.

Preparing her paper on NGO-Government Partnership in Health Care Delivery: Redefining Health Governance in Thailand and the Philippines, Ma. Leny Felix attended the International Research Symposium on Public Management at the University of Barcelona on April 9-11.

Dr. Eric Vincent Batalla delivered a briefing paper in a roundtable discussion on governmental reform and good governance in Ottawa on March 14-20. After which, he attended a workshop on public participation and conflict management organized by the Institute for Dispute Resolution from April 28 to 30 at Khon Kaen, Thailand. On May 10-11, Batalla also participated in a conference with a theme, Fighting Corruption: Common Challenges and Shared Experiences.The event was sponsored by the Singapore Institute for International Affairs and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

On May 9, Dr. Alfredo Robles, Jr. delivered a lecture on. The ASEM Process as a Framework for Dialogue. It was held at the Centro Internacional Bancaja Para la Paz y el Desarrollo, Universitat Jacine I Castellon. He lectured on the same topic on May 25 at the Institut Universitat D’Etudis Europeus, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta participated in the APEC Study Center Consortium Conference on May 18-20. He presented a paper titled,The Dynamics of Legislating Philippine APEC Commitments: The Case of the Retail Trade Liberalization Act. Villacorta also attended the First Annual Conference of the Asia Fellows Program held on May 25-29 in Bangkok, Thailand. He sits on the advisory board of the Ford Foundation supported program.

Dr. Antonio Contreras attended the International Conference on Sustaining Upland Development in Southeast Asia and read his paper titled,The Politics of Movements and the Movement of Politics: Social Movements and Community-Based Forest Management in Thailand and the Philippines.The conference was held on May 28-30 at the ACCEED Conference Center of the Asian Institute of Management.

DLSU-Manila faculty lead in math convention

Faculty members of the Mathematics Department participated in the 2001 Annual Convention of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines held on May 25-26 at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City. Dr. Yolando Beronque, Dr. Blessilda Raposa, and Dr. Severino Diesto are currently the president, vice president, and secretary, respectively, of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines, a national organization of mathematics researchers and tertiary math educators.

Dr. Arlene Pascasio and Dr. Auxencia Limjap gave plenary talks titled, “Algebra of a Graph” and “Individual and Social Aspects of Learning: Development Frameworks for a Deeper Understanding of School Mathematics in the Philippines,” respectively. For the short paper presentations, the following faculty members spoke on the results of their researches:

Dr. Maxima Acelajado
“Status of Mathematics Education:
The Case of Selected Colleges and Universities
in Metro Manila, School Year 1998-99”

Wilson Cordova
“Students’ Level of Logico-
Mathematical Reasoning in the Set Theory”

Dr. Ederlina Nocon
“The Duality Maps of Codes over Z2k x Z2k and
Self-Duality of Codes over Z4 x Z4”

Dr. Isagani Jos
“Singularity and Nonsingularity of Some Regular,
Circulant and Asymmetric Diagraphs and their Complements”

Dr. Yvette Fajardo-Lim
“On the Bandwidth of the Cartesian Product Graphs”

Rigor Ponsones
“Ga - Geometries Induced Clique Partitions of the Johnson Graphs J (n,e)”

Dr. Leonor Aquino Ruivivar
chaired the 2001 MSP Convention Organizing Committee,
with Dr. Junie Go of the University of St. Lasalle as co-chair.

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