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More ports, higher bandwidth for DLSU-Manila’s internet use

To further encourage La Salle students and faculty to use their computers and access information services via the campus network and the Internet, the Information Technology Center (ITC) installed more network access ports and upgraded the network bandwidth in time for the opening of classes last week.

ITC Director Samuel Mallare said there are now 415 network access ports all over the campus, excluding those located in conference rooms and faculty rooms. With these ports, students and faculty with their own laptops or computers may hook to the Internet anytime.

Educators’ role in IT emphasized in CHED Congress

“Education should be an instrument to guide its sibling, technology,” Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC emphasized in his paper Reflections on the Human Moment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) presented at the 4th National Higher Education Congress on May 17-18 at the Manila Midtown Hotel.

Br. Roly underscored the role of educators in the age of information believing that educators must be at the forefront of the overwhelming tide of change in IT. He added that educators should be using the technology, with due caution as virtual waters can be very unpredictable.

Organized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Congress is a venue where policy decision-makers, researchers, managers, and workers in the higher education sector converge. With President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as guest of honor and keynote speaker, this year’s Congress discussed various concerns on the theme “Higher Education in the Knowledge–Based Economy.”

With the help of the Physical Facilities, ITC installed 104 ports in the north wing of the M. Gaerlan Conservatory. ITC plans to install more in the place, as well as in the south wing of the Conservatory and in other sites like the DLSU Library.

There are also 50 network access ports in the Medrano Study Hall, 43 in L218 Case Room, 50 in L219 Case Room, one in Tereso Lara Seminar Room, one in Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room, 64 in SPS 303 and 403, two in Brother Connon Seminar Room, 18 in Gokongwei Classrooms, eight each in three CCS Project Rooms, 16 in the Gokongwei Lobby, and 42 in STRC 412 Seminar Room .

At the same time, the ITC also acquired 4 Mbps, or twice the E1 connection, to MosCom via leased lines and 4.8 Mbps to AboveNet (USA) via receive-only PanAmSat satellite link. This gives a total of 8.8 Mbps for downlink and 4 Mbps for uplink. As most Internet users at DLSU-Manila and DLS-PSI use downlink time, this would help students download research at faster rates.

ITC also plans to install a satellite dish in two months. Once the satellite dish is installed, the internet bandwidth will increase to 10 Mbps.

DLSU-Manila and DLS-PSI will also have additional 100 dial-up lines for students and 20 dial-up lines for faculty members and administrators. These dial-up lines will have a trunk-hunting feature.


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