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4 JUNE 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 01. 4 PAGES 

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DLSU-Manila gets P1.5 million from PHINMA Group

The PHINMA Group released a P1.5-million donation to DLSU-Manila for the construction of one multi-media laboratory.

The PHINMA Group is composed of the PHINMA Foundation, Mariposa Foundation, Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Corporation, Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation, AsiaCoal Corporation, Bacnotan Consolidated Industries, Inc. and AB Capital and Investment Corporation.

DLSU-Manila’s multi-media laboratory, described as an intelligent classroom, features the latest in technology, with video-conferencing capability and state-of-the-art equipment for desktop presentations. The intelligent classroom has audio-visual players, overhead projectors, a two-way video camera, and 42 computer units hooked to the internet.

The first intelligent classroom in the campus was tested last April 4 at the Miguel Building, when La Salle faculty conducted a successful interaction with foreign nationals via the Internet using two-way video camera.

Countdown to Centennial 2011 begins

One man started it all. More than three hundred years ago, Saint John Baptist de La Salle obeyed God’s will and calling for him to serve the educational needs of disadvantaged children in France. Such a humble beginning produced countless stories of people who distinguished themselves in their respective fields of expertise, as committed, competent, compassionate Christians.

June 16, 1911 saw the realization of the apostolic work of the Christian Brothers in the Philippines. Through their pioneering efforts a modern educational system was formed at the very heart of Manila -- the De La Salle University (DLSU).

On August 24, these pioneering Christian Brothers, along with the Lasallian community, will look back as they launch the ten-year countdown to DLSU-Manila’s centennial on 2011. Aside from the festive celebration of the whole community at the Marian Quadrangle, a press conference will be held for donors, guests, and alumni.

The separate press conference will feature the University’s P1B fund-raising project. By the centennial year, DLSU-Manila expects to have raised the amount for various programs such as scholarships and financial aid, tuition endowments and subsidies, faculty and staff development, including research, and community service to public schools. This the University’s way of fulfilling its founder’s mission -- to produce Christian achievers for God and Country.

On the other hand, a celebration specifically organized for Lasallian students will be held on August 22. A contest is now ongoing for undergraduate students of DLSU-Manila. For P 10,000, students are challenged to think of a theme for the centennial celebration that reflects the 90-year history of DLSU-Manila and its aspirations for the next 100 years. Entries should be submitted to the Marketing Communication Office on or before June 15. Participants may also drop their entries at strategically located dropboxes.

DLS-PSI inaugurates new campus at RCBC Plaza

The DLSU-Professional Schools, Inc. Graduate School of Business opens its new campus at the RCBC Plaza this June.

The DLS-PSI Campus is located at the 5th Podium, Tower II of the RCBC Plaza. It occupies a total floor area of 1,140 square meters, holding 14 classrooms and an expansive case room that can seat 55 people. Total seating capacity for the entire facility is 340. The campus will be inaugurated on June 4.

This new campus offers prominent exposure and ease of access to the country’s richest source of management professionals. The place offers a unique setting since it is the first and only IT-zoned office development in the Makati Central Business District where student and faculty business professionals converge.

The Master in Business Administration Program will be offered full-scale. A total of 25 classes will open this first trimester of school year 2001-2002. The DLS-PSI MBA program offers a pragmatic and comprehensive combination: excellent teaching, flexible curriculum, multicultural student body, experienced faculty and a world-class, technologically advanced learning facility.

The MBA degree trains the student in economics, accounting, banking, statistics, marketing, behavioral sciences, labor relations, operations management, decision-making, and strategic thinking. This broad-based Lasallian education is the reason MBA graduates from DLSU are much sought after by leading manufacturing, consulting, financial, marketing and other service companies. DLS-PSI thought of delivering the service at the heart of the country’s premier business district to allow working students to enrol in the program without coming to the main campus.

Green & White 2002

Over the years, Green & White has been entrusted with the task of capturing the timeless memories of college life. Being the official yearbook publication, Green & White 2002 is inviting all graduating students with three to five terms left to subscribe now for the yearbook. Registration is going on at the Chess Plaza from June 4 to 20. For inquiries, please visit the Green & White office at the SPS Building, Room 305 or call local 205.

UGCC change of name

Starting this school year, the Center for Counseling and Development (CCD) will don a new persona. It has been officially renamed as the Center for Counseling and Development (CCD). Dr. Jose Alberto Reyes is the current director of the center.

With the change of name, modifications were made in certain areas of the center to better serve its public, such as some of the services provided, the recognition of the college students’ maturity level, the outlined programs during the summer workshop, and the qualifications of its counselors. The center is also keeping track of the global trends in the counseling field.

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