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4 JUNE 2001. VOLUME 33. NUMBER 01. 4 PAGES 

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Two new certified professional marketers from CBE

Two faculty members of the College of Business and Economics, Alfredo Panizales, associate professorial lecturer, and Milette Zamora, assistant professor, joined the prestigious ranks of Certified Professional Marketers (CPMs) in the Asia Pacific. Dr. Jaime Ong, chairperson of the Marketing Management Department, proudly announced the accomplishment.

Panizales is the consultant of Solar Entertainment Corp., Mabuhay Satellite Corp., EAGA Telecoms, and Midsayap Communications System Corp. He is completing his doctoral studies at the DLSU-Professional Schools, Inc. Before joining the University in 1998, Zamora was marketing manager of ABS-CBN International. She earned her MBM degree from the Asian Institute of Management.

As of May 31, three out of the eight CPMs in the Philippines are from DLSU-Manila. The first to become one was Dr. Leonardo Garcia, Jr., the newly appointed director of the CBE Graduate School and now Vice President for Chapters of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA).

On a similar note, the PMA has also announced the 14th CPM examinations, to be held on September 17-27. For details, please contact the PMA Secretariat at the numbers 892-3144 and 813-0466, or visit its website at

CBE faculty to attend Salzburg Seminar

Luz Suplico and Emmanuel Sales, College of Business and Economics faculty, will attend the Salzburg Seminar on East Asia-The United States: A Search for Common Values, to be held on June 1 to 6 in Austria. This seminar, sponsored by the Freedman Foundation, will be attended by a select group of 29 participants from Asia and the US.

Olin Robinson, president of the Salzburg Seminar, will discuss the possible effects of globalization on higher education. Professor Ronald Takaki from the University of California in Berkeley will give a lecture on multiculturalism in the US. Eng Fong Pang, the High Commissioner of Singapore to the UK and non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, will serve as conference panelist. Other topics in this symposium are Perceptions and Misperceptions: East and West, Environment Issues and the Food System, Theater as an Expression of Culture, and The Silk Road Project.

The Salzburg Seminar is one of the world’s foremost international educational centers committed to global understanding. With participants coming from all parts of the world, the seminar is dedicated to promoting free exchange of ideas in a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural environment. Each year, some 1,000 professionals from more than 100 countries gather for a wide range of sessions at the seminar’s facility at Schloss Leopoldskron. Celebrating its 53rd year, the seminar continues to promote interaction among peers from diverse backgrounds and facilitate the establishment of worldwide professional networks.

Information and materials about the Salzburg Seminar are available at or e-mail them at

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