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26 MARCH 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 42. 4 PAGES_ 

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La Salle leads local business towards ISO 14000 awareness

CBA SIGNING. The DLSU-Manila administration and the DLSU Employees Association sign the Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2000-2005. Photo shows, from left: EVP Dr. Carmelita Quebengco, DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, Labor Director Leopoldo de Jesus, and DLSUEA President Baylon Banez.

To prepare for the emerging role of Environmental Management System (EMS) in the business environment, De La Salle University-Manila and the California State University-Hayward will gather together top industry executives and academic partners in an international conference on March 28-30 at the ACCEDE Center in Makati.

The conference, “Towards A Sustainable Future: Environmental Management and Greening the Supply Chain,” aims to gene-rate awareness of the growing environmental threats and of the role of International Standard Organization (ISO)14000.

ISO 14000 is a series of standards designed for companies to comply with in managing their environment. Full compliance to ISO standards certify companies and make them globally competitive in the marketplace.

The three-day activity is sponsored by the US State Department, Hewlett Packard, Perkin Elmer Philippines, Nestlé Philippines, San Miguel Corporation.

Some faculty members from DLSU-Manila’s College of Science, College of Engineering, and College of Business and Economics will be discussants, while others will serve as moderators. DLSU-Manila Executive Vice President Dr. Carmelita Quebengco will deliver the welcome remarks.

The first day of the activity will be attended by chief executive officers and senior managers. They will be introduced to the benefits of ISO 14000 registration, as well as its implications in national development. EMS experts from the electronic and automotive industries will share their experiences.

On the succeeding days, the audience will be composed of present and prospective EMS consultants and auditors. Among the topics include introduction to EMS, state of ISO 14000 in the Philippines, planning and implementation of EMS, and future initiatives.

The conference is a challenge to key industry players to work towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier world. By complying with ISO 14000, conflicts between regional interpretations of good environmental practice will be avoided.

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