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19 MARCH 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 41. 4 PAGES 

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DLSU-Manila hosts storytelling hour

Last February 26, DLSU-Manila hosted an International Lecture Tour on Miyazawa Kenji, a Japanese children’s writer and poet. Three Japanese women performers accompanied the main speaker, Eiji Sato, former president and now senior adviser of the Miyazawa Kenji Society.

The event, which included a lecture, poetry reading, musical numbers, a dramatized performance in Japanese, and a paper panel theater, was sponsored by the Japan Foundation. It was organized by the Japanese Studies Program in cooperation with the Yuchengco Center for East Asia, the Japan Embassy, and the Philippine-Japan Society. As part of the two-month long celebration of the Philippines-Japan Festival 2001, the event will be televised on WINS cable channel.

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