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DLSU-Manila registers more faculty research for SY 2000-01

De La Salle University-Manila’s faculty research outputs for this year totaled to 76 completed projects, indicating an increase of 36 per cent from last year’s record of 56.

This development was underscored by the University Research Coordination Office (URCO) during the Annual Faculty Research Recognition at the Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room on March 14.

In the first category, members of the College Research Council were given certificates of appreciation. The council is composed of faculty from the University’s five colleges.

For the second category, 66 faculty researchers were awarded for having completed their research projects. Of the total awardees, 12 were given certificates of recognition for having disseminated their research projects for school year 2000-2001.

In the last category, special awards were given to individuals for their research contributions. Eight faculty recipients were honored as research faculty awardees while six faculty researchers were cited for having completed two or more projects in their respective fields.

Special awards were also given to two departments, the Chemistry Department, with the highest number (15) of ongoing projects, and the Business Management Department, with the highest number of completed (9) projects. In the college level, the College of Liberal Arts ranked first with the highest number of completed projects this year, followed by the College of Business and Economics, and College of Education.

Other awardees for URCO-funded projects were Dr. Buenaventura Medina, Jr. of Literature at Wikang Filipino for his published book titled Sa Ibang Salita: Sampung Sanaysay sa Sining-Salin and Dr. Elmer Dadios for having won the prestigious award for International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation (IECON) Fellowship in Nagoya, Japan.

A token of appreciation was also awarded to Vice President for Academics Dr. Wyona Patalinghug, for her full support and invaluable contribution towards the promotion of research in the University.

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