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La Salle int’l councils appoint reps from DLSU-Manila

Two international commissions at the service of the Brothers’ Institute recently welcomed the appointment of Brother Miguel Rapatan, FSC, chair of the DLSU-Manila Communications Department and Dr. Carmelita Quebengco, DLSU-Manila executive vice president, as its new members.

Appointed by the Superior General and his General Council, Brother Mike will join the Communications Commission and the International Council on Communications. On the other hand, Quebengco will be part of the Commission “Associated for the Educational Service of the Poor”.

These international commissions will be at the service of the Institute as a whole and of the Lasallian mission pursued by the Brothers, associates, and partners. The appointments were officially announced by the Vicar General, Brother William Mann, FSC.

Both appointees will serve for a term of three years. The Communications Commission to be joined in by Brother Mike will be led by General Councilors Yemanu Jeharand and Marc Hofer. The commission will collaborate with persons who are already in charge of communication in their own Districts. It will also work with experts in the new communication technologies as well as with experts on communication theories.

Quebengco, the only Filipino Lasallian partner who will be assigned to the Commission, will join the commission to be led by Brother Councilors Miguel Campos and Victor Franco. The team will provide the link between the foundational experience of Lasallian association and the need of association among Brothers and with Lasallian partners and associates.

Futhermore, the Commission “Associated for the Educational Service of the Poor” will encourage and support collaboration with partners and associates in the light of our experience of the Lasallian charism and present theology of the Church.

Meantime, Brother Michael Valenzuela, FSC of the Lasallian Formation Center was also appointed as member of the International Lasallian Studies Council for a term of three years. The Council is expected to provide input regarding the expectations and the needs of the Regions, of the houses of formation for Brothers and of the formation centers and programs for Lasallian mission. (source: Phil. Lasallian FAMILI)

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