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DLSU-M is first in wireless information service

De La Salle University-Manila asserts its position as the forerunner among the country’s top higher education institutions through its De La Salle University Wireless Information Services or DLSU WISe.

Developed by the Information Technology Center (ITC), it delivers university-related information to its students, faculty, and alumni through the use of cellular phones. DLSU-Manila is the first university in the country to use this technology to disseminate information along with print media and the internet.

t all started with the objective of making information available to the Lasallian community and, at the same time, maximizing the potential of cellular phones.

ITC realized that the technology was there but there was no existing application to harness it. Seeing that many use cellular phones, ITC developed its own system to facilitate the information in its database to be read selectively and be sent to a user’s cellular phone through Short Messaging System (SMS) or text messaging. This system is available to Globe and Smart subscribers.

Since September 11 last year, DLSU-Manila has been providing wireless information services such as university announcements and news, availability of subjects during enrollment, dial-up numbers, final exams schedule, course card distribution schedule, and the University’s contact information. There have been over 60,000 hits so far. The most recent application is a query facility for the results of the Freshman Entrance Exam. It is another step forward since DLSU-Manila started to use its web site four years ago to post entrance exam results over the internet.

To know the available DLSU WISe keywords, simply send “DLSU KEYWORD” or “DLSU HELP” to 2333 (for Globe subscribers) or 211 (for Smart subscribers).

Lectures, arts festival highlight CLA College Day

It’s both an appeal to the mind and the heart as the College of Liberal Arts celebrates its College Day on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Dubbed re-st@rt, the celebration kicks off with a mass, 8:10-9:10 a.m. at the Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

For those interested in intellectual discourse, Fulbright scholar Dr. Charles Hubbard will tackle “A Brief History of Jim Crow: Racial Segregation in the United States”. Other lecture topics which will provide interesting discussion include “John Baptist de La Salle on the Dignity of the Christian Educator” by Brother Gregory Wright, FSC; “At TUMANGIS SI JESUS”: Silangdiwa, Salingdiwa: Buhay ng Wika, Wika ng Buhay O Ang Wika Ngayon ay Wika ng Nakaraan at ng Natatanaw O Ang Milagro ng mga Milenyum” by Dr. B.S. Medina, Jr.; “Hypnosis and Hypnotheraphy Workshop”, and “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”.

CLA also fetes romantic and patriotic love on this occasion. “Tru Lab Tsokolate at Tsaaang Malamig” tackles the intricacies of love relationships even as it deals with applications of theories in social psychology and the psychology of emotions.

A talk on the political role of the youth inflames the patriotism of young students, while inspirational talks from returning La Salle alumni in the Archer Achiever spurs loyalty and love for alma mater. A Valentine’s filmfest is also scheduled at the 2nd floor of the College Canteen.

Other activities lined up for the week include cooking demonstrations and fun games. An Arts Awards to honor outstanding members of the College, and the CLA Fellowship will cap the celebration.

Mass for departed Lasallians will be held today

De La Salle University-Manila will hold a memorial Mass today at 5:30 p.m. at the Chapel of the Pearl of Great Price in remembrance of faculty, staff, students and alumni of the alumni who have passed away last year. To be officiated by University Chaplain Fr. Jerome Aguilar, the mass will be offered for the souls of the departed members of the Lasallian family. On this day, the Lasallian community also commemorates the 16 La Salle Brothers and 25 civilians who were massacred by Japanese soldiers on that day
during the Second World War.

Erratum In the article

SED chair gives talk published last week, we inadvertently identified Dr. Maricar Prudente’s department as Specialized Education, instead of Science Education. Our apologies.

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