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Lasallians worldwide adopt logo designed by DLSU-Manila

The International Association of Lasallian Institutions of Higher Education (IALIHE) announced that it would adopt the Encuentro logo in all its future conferences.

The logo was conceptualized and executed by Peter Varona, graphic designer of the Marketing Communication Office of DLSU-Manila.

It was first presented before members of IALIHE during its annual conference dubbed Encuentro VI last January 11 to 13. The event served as venue to set their vision towards global interdependence in tertiary education.


The logo has two elements—the Star of Faith (Signum Fidei) and a globe’s axis. The Star symbolizes the Lasallian institutions of higher learning, anchored on an axis representing the global coverage of these schools.

Varona is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas. As graphic artist of MCO, Varona conceptualizes designs for the University’s institutional collateral, including the President’s Report and the Abut Tanaw, among other materials.

Scholarship now offered

The Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP) is now accepting applicants for the Brother President Scolarship Program (BPSP). All permanent, full-time faculty (Teaching and ASF) and academic service personnel of DLSU-Manila and PSI can avail of this scholarship for their children who passed the DLSU-Manila College Entrance Tests for school year 2001-2002. Please contact STUFAP not later than February 15.

CLA sponsors essay contest

To celebrate People Power II, the College of Liberal Arts is pleased to sponsor an essay contest with the theme, “People Power II and Democracy in the Philippines.” There are three categories of entries, with corresponding maximum length of the essay: (a) co-academic personnel (500 words); (b) students (1000 words); and (c) junior faculty (2000 words).

Each entry must be submitted in three copies. Written in Filipino or English, entries must be type-written, double-spaced on etter-size bond paper. Also, a pen name should be used. The prizes in each category are as follows: first prize, P1000; second prize, P750; and, third prize, P500. The deadline for submission of entries to the CLA Office is on February 7. Prizes will be awarded on CLA Day, February 14.

Electronic Class List on the Intranet

Faculty members can now access the Electronic Class Lists for Third Term, school year 2000-2001. Since last term, the Electronic Class Lists, a popular feature of the DLSU Intranet, just got better. Previously, you had to rummage through pages and pages of class lists to find the right file to download. Now, you will just have to enter the subject/section of your class and your DLSU e-mail address, specify the format of the output file (to include or omit columns ), submit the request, and then file will be e-mailed to you within the day as an attachment.

To avail of this improved service, visit the Academics/Course- related Information Section of the DLSU Intranet in this URL: and click on the Electronic Class Lists section.


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