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More companies seeking DLSU graduates

Despite the country’s economic slump stemming from the recent political crisis, more employment prospects await De La Salle University-Manila graduates as 138 companies visit the campus this week for Job Expo 2001.

February 9 Feastday
St. Miguel Febres Cordero

Crippled from birth, Francisco Febres Cordero had to overcome family opposition to realize his vocation to be a lay religious, the first native of Ecuador to be received into the Institute. Brother Miguel was admired by his students for his simplicity, his directness, his concern for them, and the intensity of his devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Virgin Mary.

Transferred to the junior novitiate at Premia del Mar in Spain during a revolutionary outbreak in 1909, he supervised a dramatic evacuation of his young charges to the safety of Barcelona across the bay. Shortly after, he contracted pneumonia and he died at Premia, leaving behind a remarkable reputation as scholar, teacher, and saint.

Born at Cuenca, Ecuador 7 November 1854; Entered the novitiate 24 March 1868; Died 9 February 1910; Beatified 30 October 1977; Canonized 21 October 1984

The weeklong activity is held twice each year for graduating students of the six colleges—Business and Economics, Computer Studies, Science, Education, Liberal Arts, and Engineering—to discover job opportunities and to meet people they would like to work with.

Sponsored by the Office of Career Services (OCS), this year’s job fair is an indication of the business community’s confidence in the Lasallian graduates. OCS Director Ma. Aurora Bernardo said the turn out of participating companies was a big surprise, considering that many companies were downsizing in the past months.

“Compared to previous JobExpos, we have the biggest number of participants this year,” Bernardo noted. An average of 28 companies each day will put up their respective booths at the Students’ Plaza. In previous years, only about 10 to 20 companies each day scout for their prospective employees among Lasallians.

Bernardo attributed the positive response of recruiting companies to DLSU-Manila’s continuing efforts to produce graduates who are highly qualified in their own fields.

“These companies have seen a lot of reasons to hire La Salle graduates. For one, they know that Asiaweek ranked us the top private university in the Philippines. They are also impressed by our research efforts that earned us ten Centers of Excellence from CHED (Commission on Higher Education),” she said.

Aside from exhibits, Job Expo 2001 features company talks to give students the chance to learn more about the organizations. The different participating sectors include manufacturing, banking, information technology, software development, investment house, insurance, government, and academe. Sponsors of the event are Accenture, Procter & Gamble, Phils

Sponsors of the event are Accenture, Procter & Gamble, Philippine Geothermal, Inc., Lexmark, Security Bank, Solid Cement, United Laboratories, E-Telecare, Azeus Systems, ABS-CBN, Ciscare Technology, and Headstrong.

During the week, there will also be a professional development seminar dubbed “Fashion at Work” on February 7 at the William Shaw Little Theater. Co-sponsored by Seventeen and Watercolors, the seminar will give tips on professional grooming and proper business attire.

For the culminating activity, there will be a night of networking, which will allow students and graduates to engage in informal discussions with representatives of the participating companies. The activity will be held at the M. Gaerlan Conservatory on Friday, February 9.

A noontime Thanksgiving Mass will also be held at the last day of the activity, at the Pearl of Great Price Chapel.

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