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SDRC receives Ford grant

The Social Development Research Center (SDRC) received a new grant from the Ford Foundation to undertake a project that will document and assess the impact of training initiatives for participatory local governance. The project seeks to evaluate the contributions of the Barangay Training and Management (BATMAN) Program, being implemented by a consortium of more than 40 non-government organizations (NGOs), in fostering local democracy and development.

The project proposal approved by the Ford Foundation was prepared by Dr. Francisco Magno, SDRC director, with the assistance of Antonio Pedro Jr., assistant professor of Political Science. According to Magno, “the project is a good opportunity for DLSU-Manila to further build its reputation in the field of governance research.”

In conducting the study, local academics and researchers from various parts of the country will be recruited as partners in the project. Through this process, the establishment of a strong network linking governance researchers with each other would be spearheaded by the SDRC. This barangay governance project, however, is more than an academic exercise. Magno indicates that “the insights from this study could be utilized in improving programs on barangay leadership training and capacity building that respond to citizen demands for good governance, community participation, and sustainable development.

DLSU-Manila, La Salle Mexico forge academic exchange

In a move to strengthen ties between De La Salle University-Manila and Universidad La Salle Noroeste in Obregon, Mexico, the two Lasallian institutions of higher education recently inked an agreement on academic exchange. The signing was headed by DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC and Universidad La Salle Noroeste President Brother Gustavo Ramirez Barba, FSC held at the Century Park Hotel on January 12.

The two institutions agree to have exchange programs for students and faculty. Each university may receive faculty members of the other university to give lectures, to engage in joint and individual research, or for the exchange of views to further these objectives.

In the case of students, a maximum of three students per term from each institution will be selected by their home school to study at the other institution at the host university. The exchange students will be permitted to enroll in courses or programs at the host institution, for which they are qualified.

Aside from this, both universities agree to have joint research and exchange of scientific materials and information. These activities will be carried out after consultation between DLSU-Manila and Universidad La Salle Noroeste or the divisions concerned.

Universidad La Salle Noroeste is one of 11 Lasallian instutitions in Mexico. The first La SalleUniversity in the former Spanish country was founded in 1962 by Dr. Manuel de Jesus Alvarez Campos and inspired by the teachings of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

Among its university programs are: business administration, public accounting, computer science, cybernetic engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical energy engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine, achitecture, graphic design, education, law, philosophy, religious sciences, food chemistry, and pharmo-chemical biology. The University also offers a college preperatory school and graduate diplomas in various fields.

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