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29 JANUARY 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 34. 4 PAGES_ 

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DLSU-Manila hosts Lasallian Feast Day
Celebration highlights La Salle schools’ “One Spirit, One Mission”

Members of the Lasallian family celebrated the feast day of Saint John Baptist de La Salle last January 26 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium with the theme “One Spirit, One Mission,” capturing the rich 90-year history of the Lasallian faith in the country.

Hosted by DLSU-Manila, the annual event was participated in by other La Salle schools namely, DLSU-College of St. Benilde, DLSU-Dasmarińas, DLSU-Health and Sciences Campus, DLS-Zobel, La Salle College-Antipolo, La Salle-Lipa, La Salle Green Hills, La Salle Supervised Schools, and DLSU-Professional Schools, Inc.

The event, which also fell on the occasion of Catholic Teachers’ Day, was the second major activity of the Federation of Lasallian Institutions (FLI) since its general assembly in July last year. It served as venue for the communal reaffirmation of the Lasallian community’s mission to be “good news for the youth-at-risk.”

The participants, estimated at 6,000, were called on to continue fulfilling their mission of serving others, particularly in the achievement of solidarity with the poor, education in social justice, advocacy for social change, and defense of the rights of children.

Part of the event was a Thanksgiving Mass presided by Rev. Fr. Edgar Cirilo Ebońa of La Salle Green Hills. The community sang new Lasallian compositions “Abot Kita,” “Star of Hope (Shine),” and “One Spirit, One Mission”.

Festivities were held after the Mass, with the different participating schools showcasing their Lasallian talents. Cultural groups from DLSU-Manila included the Bootes, Chamber Ensemble, the DLSU Chorale, the Pep Squad, the La Salle Dance Troupe, and the Harlequin Theatre Guild. Student groups from other La Salle schools also performed song and dance numbers.

The event also included video presentations of the Lasallian presence in the country since 1911, from the founding of the first La Salle school in Taft to the emergence and development of the other schools nationwide. The presentations also highlighted the twin mission of service and excellence instituted by St. La Salle and exemplified by the Lasallian schools.

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