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22 JANUARY 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 33. 8 PAGES_ 

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La Salle assists colleges, universities build research capabilities

On the occasion of the Mission Statement-University Week,which will be held January 22-27, the University will welcome CHED Chairperson Dr. Ester Garcia on campus for the blessing of the Zonal Research Center (ZRC). The blessing will serve as the official launching of the Center, and it will be held on January 24.

The selection of De La Salle University-Manila as a CHED ZRC for the National Capital Region (Group 1) affirmed the University’s academic strengths, particularly in the fields of engineering, information technology, religion, business, and teacher education. The selection of ZRCs throughout the country is CHED’s scheme to tap resources of selected higher education institutions (HEI) to effectively manage research activities of colleges and universities in the different identified regions.

ZRCs are tasked to serve as clearinghouse of research proposals submitted to CHED for funding, assist CHED in monitoring CHED-funded researches, and conduct training programs to build or strengthen research capabilities of HEIs. Moreover, ZRCs will assist in providing venue for dissemination of research results, more particularly in readying materials for publication in the Philippine Journal of Higher Education. It will also undertake at least one commissioned research every year.

For its part, DLSU-Manila has so far conducted numerous training programs on writing research proposals for engineering, religious education, computer, and business which has benefited about two hundred researchers representing various institutions among the 130 HEIs under its fold. A consultative meeting among science and theology and religious education researchers has also been conducted.

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