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22 JANUARY 2001. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 33. 8 PAGES_ 

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DLSU observes University Week
Joins People Power II at EDSA

De La Salle University (DLSU) reaffirms its Mission Statement in light of its role in the national struggle against injustice and corruption, towards recovery and peace during the Mission Statement-University Week starting January 22.

Carrying the theme “I am a Christian Achiever,” the weeklong commemoration reinforces the call for every Lasallian to seek ways to become vital resources for Church and nation. It will kick off with a multi-sectoral mass, an offering to God of the community’s prayer for the nation.

Calling for good governance, the College of Liberal Arts will hold a series of activities for the whole week. The event, scheduled daily during noon breaks, will feature discussions, forums, performances, and a display of protest art. Set at an open area, the activity aims to allow maximum participation for the greater conscientization of the community.

Late last week, following a fateful decision by 11 senator-judges to set aside a second documented evidence against Estrada, DLSU-Manila joined the nation in mourning the death of justice. In a statement, it rejected the continuation of the impeachment trial and again called on the President and all his cabinet members to resign. The statement, signed by DLSU-Manila administrators led by DLSU System President Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC, noted that “nothing President Estrada can do can can restore the loss of confidence in his leadership and his government.”

STORMING THE STREETS. Lasallians hold alternative classes at the EDSA Shrine, joining the Filipino nation in the fight for justice and peace.

The University Week, just like in previous years’, will also highlight the contributions of the Lasallian community to the country. In an exhibit, the College of Engineering will showcase a prototype of the micro-hydro power plant which it designed for Abra to generate electricity for the town of Malibcong. A faculty member will also disseminate findings of a study on ways to combat child labor in the tourism industry. The Student Council will also be in the forefront in a medical mission for St. Anthony Parish in Singalong. Another batch of students will render teaching services to senior high school students of Pasay City West High School for bookkeeping. The campus will also be open to hearing impaired students for an on the spot painting contest.

During the week, the University will also be a showcase of scholarly work with lectures covering different topics such as micro-robots, Internet, Catholicism and spirituality, computer systems and programs, and public health delivery. The feast day of St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the vocation for Christian Brothers, falls on the week of the celebration. In line with that, the University will host a feast day gathering at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium which will feature a Mass and a Lasallian show.

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