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La Sallian Awards for Literature

The Bienvenido N. Santos Center for Humanities—Creative Writing (BNSCH-CW) of DLSU-M is ready to accept entries to the 2000-2001 Lasallian Awards for Literature. The Lasallian Awards for Literature

The La Sallian Awards for Literature Contest has two categories: (a) short story, and (b) poetry. Each category has two levels: (a) high school, and (b) college. Each category is open to all bonafide high school and college students of all Lasallian schools in the Philippines, including schools supervised by the Christian Brothers. A student may submit only one entry per category. An entry may be written in any of the following languages or a combination thereof: Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, or English. Only previously unpublished works may be entered in the contest.

The student should put her/his full and real name, address, telephone number (if any), email address (if any), year level, and school on top of the first page of the entry. All entries should be submitted in four copies, including the original. These must be typewritten or computer-encoded, double-spaced on letter-size bond paper (8½” x 11”), and with approximately one-inch margins on all sides. All copies should be legible and neat. In the Short Story category, an entry must be at least five but not more than 12 pages. In the Poetry category, one poem will suffice. Quality, not length, will be the main criterion for judging a poem.

The prizes for each contest category are the following: P5000 (first prize), P3000 (second), and P1000 (third) for high school; P7000 (first prize), P5000 (second), and P3000 (third) for college.

Entries should be submitted to the BNSCH-CW not later than 23 February. The awarding ceremony shall be on 22 March 2001, the birth anniversary of Bienvenido N. Santos.

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