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Encuentro VI highlights global
Philippine panel talks on Shared Mission

Underscoring the Lasallian Spirit to guide them in establishing their action plans, the Lasallian leaders of higher education worldwide set their vision towards global interdependence in tertiary education.

Hosted by DLSU-Manila, the conference dubbed Encuentro IV of the International Association of Lasallian Institutions of Higher Education (IALIHE) was held at the Century Park Hotel from January 11 to 13.

January 18 Feastday
St. Brother Jaime Hilario
(Manuel Barbal Cosan) nversion
He worked in the community garden rather than in the classroom, but his commitment as a Brother to Christian education gave witness to Christ throughout the world. In July of 1936, he was at Mallerosa on his way to visit his family at Enviny when the civil war broke out. Recognized as a Brother, he was arrested and jailed. In December, he was transferred to Tarragona and confined in a prison ship with several other Brothers. On January 5, 1937, he was given a summary trial. His last words to the assailants were “To die for Christ, my young friends, is to live.”

Born January 2, 1908; Entered the novitiate February 24, 1914; Martyred January 18, 1937; Beatified April 29, 1990; Canonized 1998.

The Philippine panel, composed of Brother Armin Luistro, FSC, Philippine District Provincial, Brother Victor Franco, FSC, director of the Animation Team-Philippine District, and Dr. Carmelita Quebengco, executive vice president of DLSU-Manila, discussed “The Philippine Experience of Shared Mission.”

Quebengco in her talk defined the Shared Mission as “the equal participation of Brothers and Lasallian Partners in decision-making structures concerned with the Lasallian Mission.”

She noted that despite significant progress, the Philippine experience is still in the transition stage “as some matters continue to need clarification and fine-tuning.” She also pointed out the need to clarify the role of the Lasallian partners.

Quebengco stated that there would be a need for an effective Lasallian leadership training program for Partners, but only to enhance the competencies and Lasallianness already possessed, because the absence of such values and attributes cannot be developed in any training program.

Brother Armin elaborated on the commitment of the Lasallian Partners to share in the propagation of the Lasallian Mission, as evidenced by the growing involvement of the lay in the Shared Mission.

For his part, Brother Vic also talked on the evolving active participation of lay partners, which was acknowledge during the last General Chapter.

On the other hand, the fragmentation of knowledge and life and the role of the Lasallian universities was discussed byBrother Carlos Gomez Restrepo, FSC, executive secretary of the Region Latinoamericana Lasallista. Brother Anton DeRoeper, FSC of the Secretariat for Lasallian Educational Mission, in light of the General Chapter.

Opportunities for international Lasallian collaboration was disalked on the mission of the Lasallian universities cussed by Maestra Joan Landeros, director of the Center for International Education, Universidad La Salle-Mexico.

Education Secretary Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, in his presentation, underscored the importance of research in the 21st century for tertiary education. The delegates held group discussions after each panel presentation.

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