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La Salle leaders worldwide join Manila confab

Through the initiative of the International Association of Lasallian Institutions of Higher Education (IALIHE), presidents of La Salle tertiary institutions worldwide will come together in Manila from January 11 to 13 for Encuentro VI, a conference to fortify the different schools’ commitment to the youth.

Encuentro VI: The Lasallian Spirit of Global Interdependence in Higher Education, to be held at the Century Park Hotel, will bring together college and university presidents worldwide to identify their unique mission as Lasallian institutions and to share thoughts and insights about current trends in pedagogy.

The conference is organized by the IALIHE, a worldwide network of Lasallian institutions established to broaden St. La Salle’s educational mission at the tertiary level. IALIHE is represented in 15 countries, and serves almost a million students annually across the globe. Member institutions comprise of liberal arts colleges and universities, engineering schools, educational centers of excellence, medical, technical, and law colleges, agricultural, and pontifical institutes, and research centers for social and physical sciences. DLSU-Manila, host of the event, is a member of the IALIHE.

The occassion will highlight discussions on the international framework for Lasallian higher education. Department of Education, Culture, and Sports Secretary Brother Andrew Gonzalez will tackle “Towards a New Research Agenda in the 21st Century for Tertiary Institutions”, while Executive Secretary for the Region Latinoamericana Lasallista Brother Carlos Gomez Restrepo will discuss “Fragmentation of Knowledge and the Role of the University.” Also to be covered are topics on the Brothers-lay teachers shared mission, international collaboration among La Salle schools, and mission of Lasallian universities in the light of directions from the Brothers’ General Chapter in Rome. The IALIHE will also conduct its business meeting within the conference to give way to presentation of proposals, recommendations, and resolutions, and also the election of its regional directors for the term 2001-2004. The current regional directors are Brother Fabio Gallego Arias of the Universidad De La Salle, Santa Fé de Bogota, Columbia; Brother Josep Marti, Escola Universitaria de Enginyeria Técnica de Telecomunicaciones, Barcelona, España; Brother Michael McGinnis, La Salle University, Philadelphia, USA; Brother José Cervantes, Instituto La Salle de Chihuahua, Mexico; and Brother Gus Boquer of the University of St. La Salle, Bacolod, Philippines.

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