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Lasallians join nationwide protest

The Lasallian family stormed the streets of Taft all the way to Liwasang Bonifacio and united with the collective voice of the different sectors calling for President Joseph Estrada’s resignation last November 14. This day witnessed a nationwide protest and work stoppage in several industries to pressure the President to heed the people’s sentiments.

The Blessed Martyrs of Almeria

November 16 - Blessed Martyrs of Almeria Feastday
Brother José Cecilio Rodríguez González, Brother Amalio Zariquiegui Mendoza, Brother Valerio Bernardo Herrero Martínez, Brother Edmigio Primo Rodríguez, Brother Evencio Ricardo Alonso Uyarra, Brother Aurelio María Villalón Acebrón, Brother Teodomiro Joaquin Sáiz Sáiz

Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, the Popular Front in the Province of Almería gave orders to arrest all enemies of the revolution, especially priests and religious. Five of the Brothers were arrested at their school, two were taken prisoner in the street while on their way to mail letters to their families. Along with many others, these prisoners were confined in a series of makeshift prisons, where they were subjected to privation, maltreatment and ridicule. Bishops and Brothers alike were condemned to death without trial for the crime of professing and teaching the Catholic faith.

Lasallians assembled at the Marian Quadrangle in the morning, and started their march from the University to Liwasang Bonifacio before noon. At around 3 p.m., rallyists moved to Mendiola. The Lasallians’ participation in the rally was part a series of activities to generate discussions on the current national crisis and on the possible measures for post-Estrada national renewal, reconstruction, and development.

The DLSU-Manila Administration and the Faculty Association organized a forum, “Alternatives After Erap,” at the M. Gaerlan Conservatory last November 8. Guest speakers were University of the Philippines professor and former Estrada cabinet member Karina David, La Salle Economics Department professor Dr. Michael Alba, and Political Science Department professor and College of Saint Benilde Executive Vice President Ronald Holmes.

David talked about the possible scenarios in the immediate future, stressing that the best way to arrest the further weakening of the Philippine economy is to have President Estrada resign. At the same time, she stressed that Filipinos should be united and unceasingly vigilant to prevent the return of government authority under the control of a few.

She pointed out that even with a new leader, the country would remain poor if people would let corrupt leaders control their lives. “No leader can save us if individually we don’t want to save ourselves,” she said. Alba, who discussed the country’s economic prospects, and Holmes, who talked on the political scenarios, fanned the call for Estrada’s resignation. The speakers agreed that this would be the immediate solution to bring back the people’s trust.

They also stressed that it would need everybody’s awareness and participation to put in place the basic reforms. On the other hand, the College of Liberal Arts issued A Seven-Point Program of Action and enjoined all other colleges of DLSU to help in carrying out this action plan. The seven point agenda are: (1) demand for President Estrada’s resignation; (2) educate and expose the grave issues surrounding the President and Philippine society; (3) boycott products and services offered by active supporters and close associates of President Estrada; (4) call on all key government officials to resign; (5) call on senators and congressmen to Join the Ouster Movement; (6) call for people power; (7) work for national renewal.

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